That day

That day. We were all covered in the debris of the World Trade Center. We were neither 9-11AshVictimsDemocrat, nor Republican. We were neither male, nor female. We weren’t black or white, Asian or Hispanic. That day, we were defined by our unity. We were all Americans. We rallied together. We filled our churches. We had American flags waving from every highway overpass. We were outraged by the evil visited upon us that day.

Today, we have forgotten. We have returned to the pettiness which divides. Evil remains, and tries to get our attention with the public murder of innocent people. Wickedness resides within our borders. Evil will rise again.

God got our attention that day. How quickly we have gotten distracted. I pray that it doesn’t take a similar, or worse act of evil to get our attention again. May we turn from our distractions and be mindful of what is truly important. May we be civil, even loving to our fellow man, rather than so judgmental and critical.

That day began just as any other. But it turned out to be the day that changed the world. Forever. Let us learn by the events of that day. And never forget the lessons that were forced upon us.

Lord, you have my attention today. Help me stay focused. Help our leaders stay focused, not on their own interests, but those of our citizens. Our lives are in your hands. Your loving, capable hands. Protect us. There is a day that lies ahead when we will all meet our end on this earth. Cleanse us from the debris which covers us.

On that day, let us be pure in your sight.