I must admit, I am not one who is easily content. It’s not that I’m so goal-oriented or anything like that. I’m not the guy with motivational quotes posted all over my home. It’s more like I’m just not easily or frequently satisfied.

I have been in New England since December 18. As I type this, I should be at the airport, waiting to board my flight back to California. Instead, I’m sitting in the kitchen at Sarah-Jane’s home, brain/heart-dumping into this post. A significant snow storm literally blew into the region yesterday and through the night, so I changed my flight to Monday.

As I sit here at the kitchen table, and as I’ve spent a relaxing morning and early afternoon with her and her boys, I find myself in an unfamiliar territory. No, not Rhode Island.


When I was showering this morning, which is often when and where I do my best thinking, a thought popped in my head. I often times get so caught up thinking about my past and the disappointments I’ve faced, and worry about how they might affect my future. But in doing so, I miss out on living in the moment. What I do in the moment, or what I miss out on by not doing, has much more of an impact on my destiny than worrying about what was, and how it might affect what will be.


Even in the quietness of today, when we’re somewhat confined to the indoors due to the bitter cold outside, I find myself appreciating every detail of the moment. The future is going to be busy. The future is constructed by each current moment. Being so concerned with the enormity of what lies ahead can be overwhelming. But by taking in each moment, we allow ourselves, and God, to operate in our designed roles and abilities.

God is not bound by the limits of time. I am. I cannot live tomorrow today. He is already in tomorrow, in six months from now, in one hundred years from now. He knows the end from the beginning. Why am I worried or consumed by the past or the future? He will guide my steps. But my steps come in ‘the moment’. Thinking about what must be done tomorrow is good. Learning from the past, also good. Obsessing on it? Not so much.

Live in the moment. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Appreciate it. Maybe you’re not exactly where you need or want to be. I understand that. Believe me. Take this moment and do something with it.

The fact that you have ‘the moment’ is a blessing not to be wasted.

One thought on “Contentment

  1. Great post. I may not be where I want to be as a person, but I am thankful I’m not where I used to be.

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