My two Sarahs

Today is October 25th. 78 years ago today, my mom was born. Sadly, she left us 4 and a Momhalf years ago, in March of 2009. As I contemplated what I would share about her in this post, I found myself at a loss. Over the years, I have written a great many things about her. From specific memories, to simple thoughts of her heart and character.

As my life is entering an exciting new chapter, I’m left to think of her indelible imprint on who I am as a man. Over the years, I have been criticized for being a sensitive man. My mom was a very emotional person. She would cry at Hallmark commercials. I’m not nearly that bad, but she did pass on the sentimental gene to me. So no, I don’t cry at commercials, but no matter how many times I watch the movie Mr Holland’s Opus, I cry like a baby at the end.

As a sentimental fool, it should come as no surprise the significance of having a such a wonderful mother named Sarah Jane, only to be followed up by finding and experiencing the love of such an amazing woman named Sarah-Jane. I can’t prove this theologically, but there is something inside me that recognizes my mom’s fingerprints in this love connection. Not so much the name thing. That has God’s signature on it. But I know that my mom would approve of and be completely on board with my new Sarah-Jane.

I probably will never understand on this side of Heaven why God couldn’t have kept my mom around long enough to meet her. But that’s okay. It’s just my hope that the best part of my mom lives in me enough that Sarah-Jane can get a feel of who she was. And I’m confident that one day, they’ll be introduced to one another and embrace for a long time.

Remembering that moment again, in my mom’s hospital room, when she wondered aloud, “who will pray for you when I’m gone?”

I found her, Mom. I found her. Enjoy your rest.

3 thoughts on “My two Sarahs

  1. Thanks for sharing Corey. Your words inspire. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive. Be yourself, Sarah-Jane doesn’t seem to mind at all!!

    1. Thank you, Elonie. I only know how to be myself, for better or worse. I just have never known anyone who was wired almost exactly as I am, and appreciates the little things that make me who I am. It is such a comfort to not have to explain myself, knowing she understands it completely. I still receive notes from people who knew my mom from when I was in kindergarten, and she is remembered as a loving, caring woman. How great it is to be part of her legacy. I am blessed.

      1. Yes, that really is all we ask for in a great love. Someone to except and understand us just the way we are. God knows who that is for everyone you just have to pay attention. I am happy for you my friend, have fun on your vacation. Blessings

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