Object of affection, or distraction?

So many relationships are torn apart by distraction. It doesn’t take much to distract one from what they were focusing on. Have you ever seen Tiger Wood’s reaction when he’s lining up a putt, and all of a sudden he hears someone in the gallery snap a photo or whisper a comment to a companion? Trust me…it ain’t pretty.

It is so easy for our focus to be derailed by distraction. We are so vulnerable. Especially in this day and age. We are bombarded by distraction. As you’re reading this, your cell phone might ring or vibrate. Someone may enter the room to ask you a question or initiate a conversation. You may get an email. You may find your brain slowly wandering off to thoughts of the things you need to get done today.

The key to being faithful in a relationship boils down to one simple principle. You must love the object of your affection so much that it is impossible to be distracted. You must be so dedicated to honoring them, the mere thought of turning your face from them, even for a moment, gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. This is true in human relationships, as well as your relationship with God. When you are so in love that nothing and no one can wrestle your attention away, you have victory. When you are so lost in love, there is nothing that can compare to the value and beauty found in what you have.

There is so much out there competing for your attention. Sadly, it’s clear by the statistics that outside influences are ruining relationships and families routinely. It takes great focus and character to stay true to your Love. Thus, you cannot rely on feelings alone. Emotions can ebb and flow. When emotions are low, it is easier to be seduced by distraction. In these times, it takes strength of character to choose to turn away from distraction.


It requires your determination to not let something, or someone get the best of you that someone else deserves and depends on.

Today, who will you give your best to? The object of your affection, or of your distraction? One path leads to love, beauty, fulfillment and great rewards. The other leads only to disaster.



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