Bigger dreams than you thought

dream-quotes-images-6-f3f199deLately, I’ve been a little fixated on dreams. Not the ones that happen during the night as you sleep. The ones that you have while wide awake. The ones that God inspires in you. The ones that shape your character and your decisions.

Years ago, I shared this story of 3 trees to a large audience of kids and their families. I thought it was especially poignant in speaking to children because their whole lives were in front of them. After sharing this fictitious, yet very real interpretation of dreams often times coming to fruition in different, yet bigger ways, I shared with them a very personal story.

Since my mid-to-late 20s, my desire to get married and have a family grew very strong in my heart. I shared my heart with friends with families. I learned from them. I watched videos. I read books. I listened to audio tapes from seminars. I wanted so much to learn all I would need to be a good husband and father. I was preparing for my dream.

As I stood before that audience that night, I was about 40 years old. Still never married, and still no children. In preparing my message for that audience, I sensed the Lord was speaking to me probably more than He would speak to those children and their families. What God had given me wasn’t one or more children of my own, but hundreds of children, even thousands I could inspire and influence in some way.

I am now 48 years old. Still never married. Still no children of my own. Yet, I’ve been able to develop wonderful relationships with kids throughout the years. Many of whom are now adults, and even parents themselves. Some of them have mild to severe disabilities. Some have endured devastating heartbreaks in losing parents to cancer. Many are living full lives as they build a strong foundation for their futures.

Just like these kids, my story isn’t yet complete. My dream is still alive and well. It won’t turn out as I had envisioned it all those years ago.

It will be even better.

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