Rant, Part 2

This is a follow up to a recent rant.

I have no intention to take back my thoughts in the previous rant. I would simply like to add a little texture to it. Though no one has challenged or questioned my thoughts, I think it’s worth my time to add some definition.rant

As I said before, a community, or “village”, is made up of independent individuals. Each person has their own set of skills, experiences, talents, liabilities, and an infinite number of other qualities. It is not the responsibility of the community to provide you or your family anything. However, it is the responsibility of each member of a community to live a life within the bounds of the law. Whether that is in business or in personal behavior. In doing so, each member of the community will prove to be an asset by virtue of their ethics and conduct.

As a member of a community, the things I do for recreation, the things I do professionally, the things I do spiritually, the places I go may lead our paths to cross at some point. If and when they do, I will respect you. I will not use profanity. I will be polite. If I see someone out to harm you, I will do what I can to help you. I will not force my spiritual and political beliefs on you, unless you are involved in an activity attacking them. Then, you will hear from me.

I will not base any of this on your religious affiliation, (or lack thereof), your sexual preference, or your political ideology.

Are you responsible and mature enough to do the same in return, even if you disagree with me?

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