A different voice

Next week is the 76th anniversary of my mom’s birth. She passed away two and a half years ago, but I still find myself learning from the example her life was.

Back in January of 2009, I wrote a post about her and a particular lesson she taught me by her example. As I face uncertainty in an area of my life that has never been an area of question, I am reminded of her heart. To give you a little background, my mom was a woman of great faith, and a fervent prayer life. One of her favorite things to do was to pray. She loved praying for others. I never knew her to pray for her own wants, unless they were for the purpose of blessing others.

As her illness became more aggressive in her body, she was unable to physically do things that were a big part of her life. Chief among them was being able to kneel and pray. When her body would no longer cooperate with her desire to do so, she felt a certain disappointment in not being able to take a posture of humility and reverence. Her statement to me was that she felt like a bird with its wings clipped, unable to fly. But without missing a beat, she followed that moment of disappointment with a moment of determination.

“But I can still sing”.

I have been dealing with my own disappointment lately in being unable to minister to God and others in a manner to which I have been accustomed since I was 19 years old. In my frustration and sadness, I heard my mom’s voice in my heart.

Sometimes we are forced to find a new voice, a new way to express ourselves to God and man. I guess that’s why you’re seeing a resurgence in my blog posts. This is my way of using my voice…to open my heart. I don’t know what the future holds for much of anything in my life. But I am choosing to not be silenced. I am choosing to continue to try and make a difference. It may not make a difference in anyone else’s day or life, but I pray it does in mine.

Thanks Mom. Your legacy and your example continues to teach and inspire me.

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