I found the picture to the right today on Facebook. This perfectly summarizes something that’s been brewing in my head and heart for some time now.

I had originally been contemplating a post based on a lesson I’ve learned from my dog. She’s beautiful and funny, with questionable intelligence. One thing about her is that she loves attention. No, I mean she really loves attention. She loves to crawl up on your lap and get all cute and cuddly…as long as you pet her and scratch her little furry body. But as soon as you stop, she has no need for you anymore. She’s off to seek attention from someone else, or just off to take a much needed rest between naps.

It’s quick and easy to tell that she’s not so interested in giving affection, just receiving it. She’ll sit on your lap all day as long as you keep giving.

Am I like that with God? Am I eager to climb up on His lap when I want something, only to jump down and go back to my business when it doesn’t happen? Just as I can easily figure out that I’m little more than a little canine massage therapist, God knows when I go to Him as a celestial ATM for a quick withdrawal.

I do my best each day to essentially say the words that appear in the graphic above. But it’s not enough if it’s only words. It has to be in my heart. I have so much for which to be grateful. I am blessed. Sure, there are frustrations, and I’m striving to accomplish more in life. However, it doesn’t take long to take a simple inventory of the life I have, the place I live in, the people in my life who accept and inspire me all at the same time.

So God, forgive me for the times my motives for intimacy with you are selfish. Right now, I just want to crawl on your lap and just be with you. I pray that it warms your heart as it does mine just to be together without an agenda. If you never do another thing for me, you’ve already given me more than I deserve.

How can I be anything but thankful?

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