The power of dissatisfaction

I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine. He was telling me of his over all feeling of dissatisfaction. He’s enjoying what is happening in his life, but he’s lacking the sense of true accomplishment. What he’s achieved so far is the fruit of previous accomplishments, but that’s not enough to completely satisfy a heart that continues to beat.

Some people view dissatisfaction as a bad thing. It’s one thing to be obsessed with the idea of more. A person who is dissatisfied with only having five cars is obsessed with materialism. On the other hand, a person who is hungry for purpose and relevance in the world is very positive and powerful.

Hunger, dissatisfaction is the spark we need to get off our rear ends and do
something. It’s not enough to sit back and marvel at the accomplishments of our past. The spark of dissatisfaction ignites the fuel of our passion to make a difference. Many of us have done some very cool things that we’re proud of. That hunger, that dissatisfaction is a craving within you to take it to another level. Embrace it! Harness it! Make a difference!

God has given you the ability to be satisfied. Just like being full, or satisfied by a good meal, it’s only temporary. You will be hungry again. That hunger, that stirring inside you is your instinctive signal of dissatisfaction. When you’re hungry for food, you fix a meal or you go out to eat. When you’re hungry to make a difference, make it happen!

Use the power of dissatisfaction to propel you to a new trajectory of significance in your world.

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