Who controls the room temperature?

I have found it to be true that circumstances don’t change who we are, but they reveal who we are. As of today, there are 99 days remaining in 2010. As an introspective guy, I find myself assessing the previous 266. It has been an eventful year in some ways, rather uneventful in others. Only God knows what lies ahead, but I pray that the things I’ve experienced in my own life, and the things I’ve observed in the lives of others, serve to prepare me for what, to me, is unknown.

Life is simply a collection of events that happen from the time we’re born, to our final breath. Many of the events are conditions of our decisions and actions, and many events pop up in front of us without any warning or provocation. In either case, we have to face them. Do we let them change us, or do we stay the course. 

The difference between a thermometer and a thermostat is that one reports to you the temperature, while the other controls the temperature. I know so many people who had difficulties growing up. Many of them are thermometers, living their lives as victims. Their actions and ongoing drama are perpetual reminders of the conditions that surrounded them when they were younger. This is also true for those who had good upbringings, but their adult lives have woven a pattern of underachievement. As thermometers, they let their conditions dictate their lives.

Yet, others are thermostats. They live their lives choosing not to be a victim. They live their lives looking to make a difference. They see obstacles as opportunities. They don’t wish their lives to be difficult, but rather than wallow in pity or self destruction, they strap on their armor and get after it. 

There are 99 days left in 2010. In the days, months and years that have led to this moment in your life, have you been a thermometer or a thermostat? If you’re feeling challenged to stop being reactive, and become proactive, you have to make a choice. Don’t let one more day go by being a slave to your circumstances. Don’t let 2010 go out with a whimper. God didn’t create you to be a slave to your past. He didn’t create you to be a victim. He created you to be an overcomer!

Even the strongest in mind and spirit get worn down. But as Isaiah 40:28-31 says, your strength will be renewed when you place your trust, your reliance, and your hope in God. 

I don’t know about you, but I needed this reminder. I have stretches where I am on fire and empowered. But I also have stretches when I find myself in a funk. These periods are sneaky. You don’t realize you’re there until you’ve been there for awhile and you take time to stop and assess things. 

Today is a new day. Strap it on and get after it! Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by circumstances. Choose to see this as an opportunity to overcome and get over the things which would either hold you back, or stand between you and your goals!


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