Who do they say that I am?

As you may have seen/read/heard, there is a new poll out which indicates that 1 in 5 Americans believe our President is Muslim. While critics may dismiss the 18% who believe that as wingnuts who have an agenda, a more frightening number of Americans claim to have no idea what religion Mr. Obama is. The bottom line is, 63% of the people questioned don’t see evidence of what he proclaims to be his faith.

Despite the low hanging fruit that this topic is, politically, I would like to shine the light on the rest of us. 

The question of the President’s religion, and the subsequent confusion over the answer, is due to his comments and actions which can be interpreted as more sensitive and tolerant of Islam than Christianity. Mr. Obama has publicly identified himself as a Christian.  However, he chooses to practice his beliefs privately, and avoids the topic with a matador’s flare.

You see, what we do and say will either confirm what we claim, cast a shadow of doubt, or even cause others to flat out think we’re lying. 

Obviously, none of us live our lives under a microscope as does the President of the United States. None of us have reporters in our face asking us what we think of the potential mosque near Ground Zero, with the entire world scrutinizing every syllable of our response. That being said, we all operate in a smaller world where people are watching. If someone were to sit down at your computer and access your browsing and search history, would it confirm or cast a shadow of doubt on who you claim to be? When you’re at a restaurant and your food comes to you cold or wrong, would your reaction confirm who you say you are, or would your server return to the kitchen with a very different opinion? When you’re in a big hurry to get somewhere, would the other drivers on the road roll their eyes as you whip in front of them, exposing your fish decal on your rear window?

If a poll were to be taken of the people you have had contact with in the past month, and they were told you claim to be Christian, would they believe you or not? Would they believe you are tolerant and loving toward people who don’t share your beliefs? Would they be convinced you live what you believe? Would you be a credit to your faith? Do you choose to practice your beliefs in private, and keep God locked up in a room so no one will see Him in you?

Your world is watching. Who do they say that you are?

Testing, 1-2-3…is this thing on?

Hi, remember me? I’m Corey, your once-faithful blogger. I know, I’ve taken some time away. For those of you who have written or spoken to me in person saying you’ve missed my posts, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

This post is just to let you know that I’ve got a few topics brewing in my noggin, so it’s just a matter of sitting down at this contraption and putting them into words. First, I need to remember how this thing works. 

If you haven’t left me for another blog by now, I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s coming. Frankly, I don’t even know yet. It’s always a surprise to me, too. That’s just how I roll.

So, you’re on notice. Crossing Paths is still in business. I just need to clean some of the cobwebs and dust which have taken over the place. 

See you soon!