Let your inner child out to play

It has been a good, long time since I’ve had a vacation. Forget vacation. Even a weekend away. During this era and the economy, a new word has hit the mainstream.


There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m sure. But for me, I needed some new scenery for a change. 

In February of 2009, I wrote a post referencing many things which happened the year of my last trip to Disneyland, 1996. I’m happy to say that I finally ended the drought! I finally returned to the Happiest Place on Earth, and it was very much as I had left it, but also very different. I know I’m very different than I was in 1996.

I have to admit to you, about the instant I went through the turnstile to enter the park, I began to giggle like a little kid. I even spontaneously let out a “hee hee”. No one has ever heard that sound emanate from me. You know what? I didn’t care.

Life can be serious. It can be very difficult at times. It can happen so easily that we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with the things that demand so much attention and time. At the same time, we must afford ourselves opportunities to stop and smell the roses. When was the last time you stopped to just look at the sunset? When was the last time you hopped through puddles like you did when you were 9? What was the last truly spontaneous thing you did that was even a little out of character?

We get so caught up in being grown ups that we lock up our inner child. We get so focused on all of our responsibilities that we become less effective at them while we’re running our bodies, minds and spirits into the ground. Let your inner child out once and awhile. No, it won’t change circumstances, but it will rejuvenate you. Leave your troubles behind for a couple days. The world will not stop rotating if you take a few days away.  

For me, Disneyland was the perfect getaway. From the first ride to the last, from Fantasmic to the Aladdin show at California Adventure, I let myself have fun. I giggled like a little boy. I laughed out loud like I just didn’t care who heard me. I stared in awe at the artistry of the place. My heart skipped a beat when I saw little children look into the faces of their favorite Disney characters.

Life is incredible. Don’t let it pass you by.

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