The Best Offense Is To Be Offensive

I have to chime in on the whole Cinco de Mayo incident at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA. Personally, I’m pretty tired of having the beliefs I hold most dear being considered “offensive” to a vast minority of people. My faith and my patriotism are under attack in, of all places, the United States of America. I’m not surprised by any of this, mind you. Things are so backwards these days. The tail is wagging the dog, and we’ve allowed it to happen. 

It certainly isn’t our intention to be offensive. We’re just such easy pushovers. All one has to do is simply accuse someone of being a child molester, and they are automatically guilty in the court of public opinion, even if it’s totally made up. Similarly, being called a hater, a racist, a homophobe or any such thing automatically makes the target defensive and guilty even in the absence of truth. 
Men and women have laid down their lives to defend the very symbol of freedom these students proudly displayed last week. Memorial Day is only weeks away. Will immigrants be sent home from school or work if they wear the colors of their native country? I certainly hope not. 

My faith enables me to love those who disagree with me. It liberates me to be gracious in the face of opposition. My patriotism does the very same. How can I be surprised that those without faith and without love of this great country only seek to mock, bully, slander and silence their opposition?

I’m proud to see those who share my faith and my patriotism beginning to stand up and fight back. I’m excited to see people shining the light of truth upon the deception of hypocrisy and double-standards. We must not allow others to hang false accusations around our necks without standing up for the truth. Even leaders in our government are making wildly irresponsible characterizations about their constituents. 

The pathway to the defeat of all we believe in and stand for is paved with ignorance and passivity. We must make ourselves available to the truth, then proclaim it loudly and forcefully!

“…the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”
Matthew 11:12b

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