Lessons From Drummers

OK, I was pretty much a slacker last week, so it’s back to the blogging grind this week. I missed you guys!

I was recently having a conversation with some fellow musicians. We were discussing some of the off stage personalities consistent of those who play particular instruments. I shared this observation of drummers.

One thing I’ve noticed about most drummers I know is that they are always drumming! I have traveled in some music groups, and I have found this to be very common. The rest of us are trying to sleep as we travel from one city to the next, and the drummer pulls his sticks out of his back pocket, and begins tapping out a rhythm on the back of the seat in front of him, commonly, my seat. The one place you didn’t want to sit was directly in front of the drummer. They would play anything. The dash board, the seat in front of them, a book, you name it. The first 90 seconds of this fun video demonstrates what I mean.

It’s true! Drummers can do what they do pretty much anywhere! They don’t need a band. They don’t even need drums! This got me to thinking that the same should be true for me as I practice my faith. There is no situation imaginable where it is impossible for me to practice what I believe. I don’t need a band to worship. I don’t need to be in my church to apply the gifts God has given me. Just like Buddy Rich in this video, we can apply our gifts and practice our faith no matter where we are.

Thank you drummers for reminding me that no matter where I am, I can and should be putting my faith into practice.

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