Photo Phriday: CONTEST TIME!

I have been very fortunate enough to obtain several tickets to next Saturday night’s regular season finale of the San Jose Sharks. But these are no ordinary tickets. These are not nosebleed seats. No. These are seats in a luxury suite! It’s an awesome place from which to watch a game, and it even has its own bathroom! That’s right, you don’t have to stand in some horrible line waiting for your turn! How ’bout that? 

The game is next Saturday night, April 10th at 7:30 at the HP Pavilion in downtown San Jose. The Sharks will be taking on their division rivals, the Phoenix Coyotes. This will be a very important game, as the Coyotes are right on the Sharks heels for first place in the division, and this game could decide who has the home ice advantage throughout the entire playoffs!

You’ll be joining my dad and me for a fun night. Here’s how the contest works. The first three people to correctly answer the question below will win one ticket each. The first TWO with the correct answer will also get a parking pass! If you have the answer, please send me a private message via my personal Facebook page. You do not need to be one of my Facebook friends to do so, but if you’re not already, please add me as a friend anyway! 

Only current members of the Crossing Paths Facebook fan page can win. You can easily join the group here. It’s FREE!

OK, all that mumbo jumbo is now done. Here’s the question! Within the last two weeks, I wrote a post listing comments I received on Facebook from friends. Only two of the people who wrote me knew each other. What relationship do they share with one another?

A) Husband/Wife
B) Brother/Sister
C) Brother/Brother
D) Mother/Daughter

Remember, only the first three correct answers sent privately to me via my PERSONAL Facebook page, by Crossing Paths members, are eligible to win. Good luck!

Now, in Photo Phriday tradition, here is a picture which shows you your view from the suite we’ll be sitting in. And if you click here, you’ll open up a slideshow of 12 photos I’ve taken from Sharks games I’ve attended. I hope to see you at The Tank!!

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