I’ll Be There

I have a little buddy named Will. I think he’s about 7 or so. Great kid. Will is in a local youth basketball league, so I do my best to catch his games when I can. Recently, I got a text message from one of Will’s family members asking if I was going to be at his game that afternoon, but I was out of town. They told me they understood, Will was just asking if I was going to be there. It was then that I made up my mind that I wouldn’t miss his next game the following week no matter what.

The next week came, and the morning of his 3 PM game, I received a text message from an unfamiliar number. Will identified himself in the message, and asked if I was going to be at his game that afternoon. Not only did I affirm to him that I’d be there, I went a step further by confirming that I knew the time and location of the game.

As the game started, Will had scored 6 points in the first half. With each of his three baskets, Will would look up into the stands to make sure we all saw it, and also to see the excitement we had in celebrating his achievement.

I had such a great feeling knowing Will wanted me at his game. So much so that he took time to borrow someone’s phone hours before his game, and texted me to see if I’d be there. Then the great feeling it was to make eye contact with him as I was applauding his successes and gesturing my pride with a big thumbs up. Will is not my son. He has a great family. I have no children. Those of you with kids know this feeling. To me, it’s a rare treat.

As I replayed these events in my head later in the day, I thought about how much greater it must be to God when we take time to pray and invite His presence into our activities. When we invite Him, He already knows where to be and when. He plans on being with us, but still, His heart swells when His children invite Him. Then, as we go about our day, we can look to Him in our successes and failures, and He is there applauding our successes, and comforting us in our disappointments. 

I thank God that He gives me moments like these which give me a glimpse of His heart for me. 

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