Time To Cross That River

I attended a bible study Monday night, and ever since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about Joshua in the bible. The speaker referenced Joshua chapter one, and I haven’t been able to shake some of the truths found there and how they relate to me, and pretty much everyone I can think of.

Joshua was the heir apparent under Moses in leading God’s people through extreme difficulties and to the Promised Land. On the eve of reaching their destination, Moses died. At this time, Joshua was promoted by God to be the one to lead His people into the Promised Land. In verses 2-5, God officially elevates Joshua to his new role, and gives him the list of benefits in taking the job. 

In verses 6-9, God lays out Joshua’s job description. Three times in these verses, God commands Joshua to be “strong and courageous”. One of those times, God emphasizes to Joshua to be “very courageous”. Here’s the thing, to get to the land God promised, Joshua would have to cross the mighty Jordan river. This wasn’t some brook that you could just stroll across while just getting your ankles wet. It was a formidable obstacle. But when it came time to cross, they had to take the first step into the water for God to intervene and take care of the rest. As He did with the Red Sea, the water parted, and everyone was able to stroll across the river which was normally at flood stage since it was harvest season. 

This is harvest season for many of you. It is for me. It’s when we’re on the cusp of something huge that the waters between us and our dreams and goals are at their highest and most intimidating. But God repeats to you those plain and powerful words. Be strong and courageous. I’m telling you now, the river you have to cross isn’t going to part for you without you taking the first step. You can’t expect to reach the heights of God’s promises before you plunge into the depths of your faith.

What river stands between you and your dreams? What obstacle is raging that seems too formidable for you to cross? Don’t allow yourself to set up a permanent camp on the wrong side of the river. Don’t get stuck looking across it to see where you could and should be.

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