Living With An ‘All In’ Faith

Last night, within the span of about 30 minutes, I had conversations with two different people who used the phrase “all in”. These were completely different conversations, and completely different topics. This phrase has become particularly popular in recent years as television poker has become so prevalent. The phrase ‘all in’ means that you push every chip you have accumulated to the center of the table as your bet. It’s all or nothing. If you win, you stay alive. If you lose, you’re done.

These words just rang in my head when I heard them come from these different people. It’s not that they’re so profound, but because I felt that the phrase best described the attitude we need to have as Christians if we expect to grow in our faith. I know that in my life, I have to have the attitude of ‘all in’. There is no half way. There is no sense holding anything back. I can’t expect the full benefit of what God has for me if I don’t give Him everything, keeping some of it for myself.

I have to take inventory and look at the elements in my life where I am only partly in. Maybe in some cases, I’m not in at all. All in for me means giving it all to God. I need to trust Him with everything. He knows my heart. He knows my desires. He knows the gifts He has given me. He knows what fuels my passion. He knows the plans He has for my future.

No matter what happens around me, I know that I’ve got the Creator of the ends of the earth on my side.

That is an unbeatable hand!

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