Extreme Makeover: God Edition

This week, Facebook is rolling out a change in their user interface, (UI). It always cracks me up when you have an interactive site such as Facebook when a change is implemented. Everybody is griping for all to see. I can’t think of a single time when the general tone of a change has been positive. In fact, it really aggravates many people.

As humans, we settle into a routine. The last time Facebook changed their UI, people complained, started groups and petitions to complain and try to strong arm the powers that be to change it back to the old look. Several months go by, another change. Then, everyone clamors to go back to the look that once inspired them to gather by the thousands with their pitchforks and torches to storm the Facebook castle.

Isn’t this typical of human behavior? We are so resistant to change. Why? It requires us to adapt. We’d much rather adapt on our own terms. Think about this. Facebook is absolutely free. The services they offer haven’t changed one bit. The only difference is the visual layout. When people have gotten so accustomed to looking in the lower right corner to see if they have notifications, they have to retrain their brain to look to the top left. 


Really? I mean, there are other changes, but really, no one’s life is going to be affected in any way as a result. For now, everyone is in an uproar. The angry mobs are dusting off the pitchforks and torches from the last time. The groups and petitions are being organized as you read this.

Could you imagine if any real significant areas of our lives changed as suddenly as a social media website? Imagine if we looked exactly the same for ten years. You don’t age a day in that time. Then one morning you look in the mirror, and your appearance has corrected itself to show your current age. That would be a harsh wake-me-up, wouldn’t it?

Some changes in our lives are subtle and virtually unnoticeable. Other changes are radical and easy to recognize. I don’t know about you, but more often than I care to admit, I’ve been in desperate need for a Divine Makeover. They’re not easy, let me tell you. But the end result is pretty exciting, and people will notice. What is awesome about divine makeovers is that other people’s lives are changed. When you surrender yourself to accept the design change God has for you, you won’t be able to keep from touching and affecting the lives of people around you. 

Don’t resist change. Take some time today, tomorrow…heck, everyday, and make yourself available for a divine makeover. Maybe it’s something subtle that only you and God will notice. But maybe it’s something that will change you, and change your world.   

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