God’s Little (But Not So Little) Treats

Say what you will about Facebook, it has been a pretty fun hobby of mine for the past couple years. I have reconnected with people who go back as far as kindergarten! It’s always fun to see where life has taken them in the years since we last saw each other. Sometimes it’s just recreational to learn, and other times it’s actually exciting and inspirational.

This week was an experience in the latter.

Someone posted an old photo of a high school jazz band I was in (can you find me?). It was pretty fun to look at the picture and see all the faces and try to remember the names. The picture was from my freshman year. Standing right next to me in the picture was a friend of mine I haven’t seen in more years than I care to think about. We were great friends back then. We obviously were in the jazz band together, and we both played the trombone (hint, if you still don’t know which one is me). We also played basketball. She was on the girls team, and I was on the freshman boys team.

After looking at the picture, I wondered if she had a Facebook page. There are a couple significant things to consider when you take upon yourself the mission of tracking down a friend you haven’t seen in decades. First, they probably look very little like they did in that mental image you have pinned to the wall of your memory. Second, and often times the bigger challenge, is when it’s a female who has married and no longer carries the name they had in high school. Well, somehow, I was able to find her. Most of the time, that’s all I do. Take a look at a couple of the pictures, see what their families look like, see where they live, and I’m good. Curiosity satisfied. But in this case, what I found only fueled my interest.

In looking at her page, I saw evidence that we had more in common now than we did when we played music and basketball together. Some years after we had last seen each other, she came into a personal relationship with Jesus, just as I did. But wait…there’s more. I was also able to ascertain that she has also become a singer. I couldn’t wait to connect with her and compare our stories. She now is married with a beautiful family, is very involved in ministry, and just sang the National Anthem prior to her daughter’s high school basketball game last night.

As I shared with you a couple days ago, I’ve been feeling a little flat emotionally lately. Every now and then, God just gives me a little shot in the arm to fire me up. I don’t necessarily have a surge of emotional energy. It’s actually much better than that. I feel a boost in my spirit. I’ve learned that a great friend during a fun, but very different period in my life, now shares with me the most important and most significant life changing element one can experience. In addition to the foundation we each have in our faith, we also have the added connection of our gifts and passion for singing and worship.

I don’t expect to ever see her in person again. But we each expressed the joy in knowing that, like we did in high school, there’s still one big high five we will give each other when we’re singing together, and maybe playing some trombone, in God’s worship team and band in Heaven.

It may seem like a little thing, but it’s been a real treat to my spirit.

I pray your weekend is filled with amazing treats from God!

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