Politically Correct? Baaahhh!

In a follow up to my post about Christmas, I find it important to go on the offensive against the wave of appeasement which has taken over this generation. 

The Politically Correct movement has completely corrupted our values as a country. We have become so careful to not offend people, that we overlook behaviors which serve as an obvious warning to us that the person is a threat to us. You have to look no further than Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman at the Fort Hood massacre in Texas. It was well known that he was influenced by Muslim radicals, but did anyone do anything about it? Heck no. That would be profiling. 

I just read about a Dutch gay organization in Amsterdam which is setting up a nativity scene with two Josephs and two Marys. Yes, the Josephs would be an entity to themselves, as would be the Marys. The op-ed article I read included the following statement, 

Lesbians and gays are entitled to their own take on the Christmas story.”

What? So that’s where we’ve come? Groups now are entitled to alter sacred history to suit their own agendas while mocking those who would obviously be troubled at such a display?

The Politically Correct movement has empowered and emboldened those who benefit from it. Our culture is excusing anything they do against those they define as enemies. This would be like excusing the two boys who shot up all those kids and teachers at Columbine because those poor boys felt ostracized by their fellow students.  

I am not interested in being politically correct. I’m also uninterested in being politically incorrect. Forget that stuff.

Instead, I strive to be Biblically Correct. In doing so, I don’t condone anyone’s sin. Not even my own. It’s not about celebrating victimhood. It’s not about being ashamed of my values because others might feel I’m picking on them. It’s about loving people. Agree with them or not, like them or not, they are every bit the creation of God as you and I. If they choose to hate me for my beliefs, I count it a privilege to be hated for the cause of Christ. But I will not bury my values because I’m afraid they’ll hate me. 

I have friends who, were it about our labels, we would not be friends. If we had only judged each other by our labels, we would not have taken the time to develop relationships. In showing them love, I demonstrate the love of Christ. Jesus was much more confrontational with “religious” people who looked down their noses at those who didn’t live according to their high standards. 

Nothing I am saying contradicts my care for those who don’t share my beliefs. I have love in my heart even for those who despise what I stand for. But I will not return evil for evil. Likewise, I will not sit idly by as what I hold sacred is mocked openly, with that behavior being accepted under the guise of tolerance. 

I pray for the strength to stand firm to defend my faith and that which I hold sacred. I pray for strength to stand up and remind those who wish we’d forget that this country was founded by those who understood that we must hold strong to God and His ways, or we would self destruct. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Yes, I choose to be Biblically Correct.

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