An "Atta Boy" From God

This post will serve as something of a sequel to yesterday’s post about the lesson of faith using a twist from a famous quote in the movie Top Gun. If you haven’t read that one yet, let me give you a brief recap so today’s post will have its full impact.

Last week I was faced with a financial challenge which required of me a very uncomfortable step of faith. While it was uncomfortable in one sense, I was comforted in the unwavering faith that somehow, some way, God would come through. 

He did.

If you’d like all of the details, they’re all in yesterday’s post for you at your convenience.

Today, I want to share an exciting follow up on what transpired since that post went up Monday morning. In fact, the excitement happened less than 12 hours before this post went live online.

Late in the evening, well, by “Dad Standard Time” (meaning after 9 PM), my dad called me to see how things had worked out last week. The last we had talked, he knew only of the challenges I faced and that I had no promises that I would receive the money that was owed to me in time to cover the check I had to write on Monday. My dad doesn’t have a computer, so he couldn’t read yesterday’s post. Shame on me for not calling him to share with him my wonderful experience. 

Anyway, I told him everything about how it worked out. I shared with him one of the scriptures which served as my rock during the week, Psalm 50:15, and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. I told my dad that this was exactly what I was doing. In every way I could imagine, I’ve been sharing my story of rescue and giving God all the honor and glory. 

Within 2 minutes of the conversation ending with my dad, I arrived back at home after being away since about 10:30 AM. My first stop upon my arrival was my mailbox. The contents of which included a significant check which was due nearly a month ago. I was led to believe it still could be another 7-10 days away from arriving. As opposed to last week where my answer didn’t come until Friday afternoon, five full days after I wrote the check I had to write, this week’s rescue came right away. I immediately rejoiced and felt an affirmation in my heart that God was pleased with my step of faith and attitude of praise during the entire situation. I really felt that the Lord gave me an “atta boy” by providing me with a blessing right at the front of my week. 

It is not my nature to sit back and pat myself on the back for anything. This is why I know with great certainty that the sense I had in those moments immediately after checking my mail was not my own ego, but a warm embrace from God for a job well done. In other words, it was a reward not so much for doing what I should have been doing all along, but for defeating a relentless and virtually undefeated life opponent of mine that has tormented me my entire adult life.

As a male, there are no words which can compare with “I’m proud of you, son” coming from our earthly father. 

I was overwhelmed last night when my heart heard those very words from my Heavenly Father. 

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