A Lesson From Top Gun

For those of you who have seen the 1986 movie hit Top Gun, you may remember this famous scene…(Facebookers, you know the drill: http://twenty9eleven.blogspot.com/2009/10/lesson-from-top-gun.html)


Last week, I was facing a financial deadline which was proving to be a real challenge. I had money owed to me which would have made the situation an utter cakewalk, but due to unforeseen circumstances way beyond my control, the money hadn’t come in. The deadline was reaching the point of no return. Last Monday, I was faced with two options. Don’t write the check, and reap the consequences of not owning up to my obligations, or I had to write a check that at the time was no good. Sure, money was out there with my name on it, but I had no assurances, or even hints that it would be in my possession in time to cover this situation.

I wrote the check anyway, knowing that I had to take this bold, and rather frightening step of faith. But in doing so, I knew deep in my soul that I had done all I could. I had done the work for which I was owed money, and I had written the check I was obligated to write. I put it in the envelope, put a stamp on it and stuck that bad boy in the mail. That’s all I could do to that point. My next task: trust.

On Thursday, one of my clients contacted me saying that due to the size of the invoice and her financial limitations, she could only afford to pay me half. This was not going to be enough to cover the looming check.

On Friday, I got a promising phone call from another source who owed me, but I wouldn’t see that money for at least another week. Even though the amount would be more than sufficient, it wasn’t going to be here in time to cover the check which, in my mind, was beginning to take on the same physical properties and purpose of a dodge ball.

Then came Friday afternoon. One client paid me for work I had performed in the previous week and a half, which by itself was enough to cover about a third of the dodge ball’s…errr, check’s value. Then I went to the office of the client who said she would have to pay me in installments. I had to go there for something unrelated, but she surprised me by saying that she underestimated her position, and she was able to pay me in full on the spot. Her check, combined with the check I received earlier, exceeded the amount of the check I wrote by $4.

God is never late, and He’s good at math.

As I considered this wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision, I remembered this quote from the movie. Only, in my mind, God put a little spin on it. Why this phrase isn’t in the bible, I’ll never know.

My faith can write checks my God will cover.

My responsibility is to do my part. I had to perform the work for which I was due income. Even though the money wasn’t in yet, I had to take care of those to whom I am obligated. Then, I have to trust that God will spring into action as I put my faith squarely in Him. I had to move, which then compelled the Lord to move on my behalf. It would require no faith on my part if I waited to write that check until after the money came. In fact, it would have created stress and harmed my reputation.

Even as the week progressed, and all the signs pointed to things not working out, I sat on the edge of my seat, as if sitting in a thriller mystery movie, anxious to see how the plot would be resolved. As in the movies, the resolution didn’t come until the clock had ticked down toward 0:00. God came to my rescue (listen to the song on my playlist in the right margin).

When my client told me she could pay in full, I was surprised, but then again…not. My God proved Himself faithful when I had put it all on the line in obedience and faith.

What are you facing this week which feels like the clock is ticking down? God will make a way where there seems to be no way. But He needs you to trust Him. He will move on your behalf, but if you truly trust Him and believe Him, you’ll do your part even when you don’t have the means to meet the demand on your own.The human and the Divine working together in supernatural harmony.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
~Hebrews 11:1

and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.
~Psalm 50:15

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