I have to admit, I have about 15 sweet teeth in this head of mine. The same “gift” that enables me to find and want the most expensive item in a store without trying also empowers me to love foods that are most certain to shorten my life. You could put a blindfold on me and just start shoveling random foods down my gullet, and there is no doubt in my mind that the better it is for me, the faster it will be shot from my mouth in protest.

But in those times when I’m really hungry, I mean with those unmistakable hunger pangs with accompanying light headed-ness, I tend to crave foods that are actually better for me. I want protein and veggies. In fact, about the last food group I want in those times is from my usual favorite, the chocolate food group. And when you’re really thirsty, like after a good workout, you’re not craving Starbucks. You’re needing water.

Tonight I’ll be leading a song in The Man Cave which has me dwelling on the question, “what am I hungry and thirsty for?” Below is a video of the song, (Facebookers, click here to see the original post and the video). The thing for me is getting to the place that I am not only hungry for God when I’m feeling weak and unstable, like when I wait too long to eat a good meal. A healthy and proper appetite for God is insatiable. It cannot be satisfied. There is no such thing as enough. When we are full, we are then poured out. But if you’re poured out without a continuing supply coming in, you will eventually empty.

Over the past couple days as I’ve listened to the song over and over in preparation for tonight, I have found that hunger for Him growing and growing. I find myself listening to this song not merely to learn it, but to live it. I want to be passionate in my pursuit and hunger for God. Have you ever hungered for a particular food so much that you’ve gone completely out of your way to have it? I have. I have driven to other towns simply to get that meal that was unique to a particular restaurant. How much more should I be willing to ignore obstacles and inconvenience to pursue and hunger for the things of God?

Are you hungry? What are you hungry for? If you’re looking for an emotional high, that’s as fleeting as even the most expensive meal at a five star restaurant. Sure, it’s great, but soon, you’re going to be hungry again as if you hadn’t eaten anything. Emotional highs are great, but they’re unsustainable. But when we hunger for God, He sustains our souls. Even when life is downright ugly, feeding on the things of God overwhelms us and whatever challenges we face. And when things are going well, consuming the things of God prepares us for feeding others, as well as for facing the difficulties which inevitably come.

As promised, the video is below. I also want to leave you with a special interpretation of Psalm 42. As I read this version, I felt as if it echoed what has been stirring in my heart for the past several weeks. I’m going to post it here. If you have a longing, a hunger, a thirst for something more, only God can truly satisfy you.

Psalm 42 – The Message

1-3 A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek;
   I want to drink God,
      deep draughts of God.
   I’m thirsty for God-alive.
   I wonder, “Will I ever make it—
      arrive and drink in God’s presence?”
   I’m on a diet of tears—
      tears for breakfast, tears for supper.
   All day long
      people knock at my door,
      “Where is this God of yours?”

 4 These are the things I go over and over,
      emptying out the pockets of my life.
   I was always at the head of the worshiping crowd,
      right out in front,
   Leading them all,
      eager to arrive and worship,
   Shouting praises, singing thanksgiving—
      celebrating, all of us, God’s feast!

 5 Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
      Why are you crying the blues?
   Fix my eyes on God—
      soon I’ll be praising again.
   He puts a smile on my face.
      He’s my God.

 6-8 When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse
      everything I know of you,
   From Jordan depths to Hermon heights,
      including Mount Mizar.
   Chaos calls to chaos,
      to the tune of whitewater rapids.
   Your breaking surf, your thundering breakers
      crash and crush me.
   Then God promises to love me all day,
      sing songs all through the night!
      My life is God’s prayer.

 9-10 Sometimes I ask God, my rock-solid God,
      “Why did you let me down?
   Why am I walking around in tears,
      harassed by enemies?”
   They’re out for the kill, these
      tormentors with their obscenities,
   Taunting day after day,
      “Where is this God of yours?”

 11 Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
      Why are you crying the blues?
   Fix my eyes on God—
      soon I’ll be praising again.
   He puts a smile on my face.
      He’s my God.

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