Awareness To Action

If you watch professional football, you may have noticed that the NFL is recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this, many NFL players are sporting pink accoutrement on the field.

This got me to thinking. C’mon, you had to see that coming.

I think it’s wonderful to bring awareness to causes such as this. But there is a huge difference between awareness and action. I’m aware of the horrible affects of breast cancer, but I have to be honest…watching a millionaire wide receiver streaking down the sideline in his fuchsia cleats isn’t going to cause me to lunge for my checkbook.

I don’t think many of us are actually motivated by different colored ribbons, even when we’re aware of what they represent.

What tends to genuinely inspire us is knowing someone whose life has been changed by whatever it is.

The same can be said of our spiritual lives. Does having a little fish decal on the back of your car cause those behind you to pull over to the side of the road, (unless said road happens to be in Damascus, perhaps), for the purpose of surrendering their wayward life to God? I’m thinkin’ no.

However, people will watch how you are living your life. Are you really different? When difficulties come, do you show strength, confidence and peace which come from your relationship with, and faith in God? Or are you whining about it like everyone else? Why would they want what you have if you’re not handling life any better than they are? If your life story includes victories which can genuinely be attributed to your faith in a living and loving God, people will be inspired by seeing that in you, not the “NOTW”, (Not Of This World), decal on your car’s rear window.

Even if you haven’t had to endure some traumatic obstacles in your life such as drug addiction, cancer, divorce or whatever, people who are dissatisfied with the direction their lives are going aren’t going to be inspired to action by ribbons, t-shirts or decals. However, a life which has been changed by the love and power of God is the very best advertising there is.

St. Francis of Assisi once said, “Go and preach the gospel. If necessary, use words.

If your life isn’t bringing positive awareness to the cause of Christ, now is a good time to start doing something about it. And really, that’s all it takes to instantly become more powerful than any bumper sticker, silicone bracelet or colored ribbon ever invented.

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