Waiting For The Next Assignment

I’m at an interesting position in my life right now. I look back on some of the incredible opportunities and experiences I’ve had in my adult life, and it blows my mind. I’ve gotten to do things, go places and meet people throughout my life which defies logic.

Hey, I’m a guy. Logic is an essential element in an equation.

I’ve said it many times, and my life proves it. God doesn’t choose the qualified, He qualifies the chosen.

Having said it again, and this time putting it in writing, I’m feeling a certain burning in the belly. It’s a churning sense of anticipation. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the reference of belly and churning back to back, but whatever. It’s my blog.

I don’t have any real idea of specifics, but I have a sense of anticipation that this next chapter of my life will be a fulfilling one. I do have some ideas, but I don’t dare put them on ye olde world wide web at this point.

The past several years have been an intense course in patience, endurance and introspection. When that happens, you better suck it up and deal with the things which need fixing or you’ll never get to move on from that class. I probably should have been out of that class on onto the next level many years ago, but I can sometimes be dense and not figure stuff out the first, second or eighth time around.

The thing is, I don’t feel that this period of learning important life lessons is over. I don’t think we ever move beyond that if we’re honest and humble enough to accept it as truth. I just feel that I’m at a place where I can communicate stuff I’ve learned, and continue to learn in a way which may help others. Encouraging and empowering others has always fueled me. It’s no different today. In fact, it just may be even more intense a desire now than it ever has been.

So if you’re the praying type, I would ask you to pray for me as I seek direction as to how I move forward from here. It’s easy for me to dream big for you, but it’s counter intuitive to dream big for myself. But I don’t want to be limited by my own unbelief in myself and who I am, and the gifts God has given me. I’m finding a new passion and comfort in exploring the depths of His influence in my life and looking for ways to take these things to a new level in changing lives.

Many of you have contacted me over the past weeks in a variety of forms. Some with phone calls, others with text messages, emails, and even comments on Facebook. I can’t begin to express what your feedback means to me. I just pray that anything I share here will serve to inspire even one person each day. OK, make that two people. I get inspired everyday by the lessons I’m learning.

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