Breaking The Victim Mentality

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In one way or another, we’re all victims of something. It can be the family you were born into, the town you were raised in, the fact that you are undersized to be a football player, but oversized to be a jockey.

There are many, too many people who have very legitimate claims of victimization. Their stories are absolutely tragic. Others, well, let’s just say that they hold the keys to their own freedom from whatever they feel keeps them down.

In any case, we must break the mentality of being a victim. Typically, whatever happened to us is in the past. Yes, we may have to deal with consequences or lingering effects of whatever it is, but there just comes a time when we have to stop being victims. We spend too much time looking backwards for excuses which keep us from moving forward.

As I was thinking on this topic, a particular man came into my mind. This man’s story is very powerful and inspirational. Sometimes those things which happen to us, the things we have no control over, serve to give us power. They give us a unique identity. They enable us to encourage others and make a difference in their lives. Rather than holding us down, we become liberated.

Or we can stay mired in self pity, hindering us from an overcoming life.

Watch this video and think about whatever it is in your life. Are you going to let it keep you down, or are you going to resolve to overcome the obstacles and still lead a fulfilling life?

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