The Advantage of a Different Vantage Point

There are those who flat out don’t care what others think about them. There are others who worry too much about what others think. I would like to talk about where I think the healthy balance lies.

In my life, there is a small, but significant selection of people whose input in my life is very important to me. There are times when I can be cruising through life doing my thing, when one or more of them might see something in me that might need a little adjustment. It’s never been anything huge like an intervention or anything. Just a little sound advice. Or maybe I’m struggling with something, and I approach them with it. These people might have some tremendous insight due to their wisdom and their knowledge of me. Other times, it’s encouragement in the form of a meaningful compliment about the things I’m doing very well.

I have found it to be a valuable thing to align myself with people who are insightful, honest and caring. They don’t have a self-serving agenda. They simply care about me. It is often impossible to see things through other people’s vantage points unless we take the time to consult them, and then listen to them. Their vantage point often times gives them a comprehensive view where my blind spots miss. When they speak into my life, I am filled with determination to make any adjustments necessary. In other cases, they see something very positive in what I’m doing that I can’t see. Their words of encouragement help propel me to new heights and possibilities.

I’m thankful for these people. I’m thankful God gave me a heart to receive their words of instruction and encouragement. I am on a never ending quest to improve upon who I am. As much as I love encouraging and empowering others, how can I not seek to to grow and improve upon myself? I consider these friends my own personal board of directors. The cool thing is, they don’t come and go. These people are lifers. Through it all, these friends have been, and will be there. And they can count on me to be there for them.

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