In The Crosshairs

I am a firm believer that when we are on the cusp of something big, we have something of a target on our backs. I’m not one to speak of spiritual warfare very often, but when I am in a situation which can only be described that way, well, it is what it is.

I remember when my parents moved to Costa Rica. The first couple of years they were there, they faced tremendous difficulties. Stuff that you would never think of happened to them on a regular basis. They were ripped off by so many people, including those they hired for the express purpose of watching over their property. My dad, who I have never seen question God in any way, began to wonder if they had made a mistake. In another unprecedented move, he confessed that to me. In what can best be described as classic role-reversal, I reminded him that what they were experiencing wasn’t God’s punishment, but a badge of honor because they were across enemy lines. What they were in Costa Rica to do was to change lives and build up people.

The enemy knows our weaknesses. He knows where we are vulnerable. He’s been at this a long time.

I’m currently in a place where it is imperative for me to fortify my life, particularly where I have historically been most vulnerable. I believe in my heart that I am approaching something in my life which has been a matter of anguishing prayer for the better part of 20 years. The enemy isn’t simply going to pull a matador maneuver and politely step aside as I casually stroll on by. No. Instead, he’s going to target those things in my life which have traditionally rocked my world. Fears, bad memories, exaggeration of my shortcomings.

I sang a solo on Sunday, and one of the lines from the song said, “I’ve got a charge on my life, and I’ve got a job to do. And I can’t stop until it’s through.” This charge on my life makes me a threat. But tenacity and clinging to the truth is what will see me through victoriously.

I believe I’m entering into an exciting season in my life. It certainly has that potential. In God’s realm, the battle is already won. In my life, I am subject to time. I cannot live tomorrow today, despite my efforts and desire to do so. So I have to do what is set before me as it comes. I am working toward being prepared for what is ahead while being in the moment. God gives us what we need for the moment, while building us up for what is down the road.

Lord, you are my Supreme Commander. I put my trust in You that you are not sitting in some cushy office with your feet on the desk as you send me out into battle. You are with me, leading the way. You are in full combat gear. As we go, You cover me from all angles. My responsibility is not to break rank and run out from under your protection. Equip me with everything I need to see the victory through. There are people whose lives will be changed and enhanced with this victory, and I don’t want to let them, and You down.

Let’s roll!

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