Reversal of Misfortune

In a stunning turn of events, it turns out that a couple of my monthly bill-payees actually owe me just a little bit. I took some time today to look into my PG&E and cable/internet/home phone services. First, I called PG&E. I have to admit, my bookkeeping skills sometimes leave much to be desired. So when I got a panic note from them saying I was behind and owed a significant amount, who was I to argue? I mean, it seemed outrageous, but I didn’t really have the evidence to support my argument.

Today I contacted them to look into things. So how’s this for a nice turn of events? It turns out they apparently made some significant errors, and with all the money I was told I had to pay right now, “or else”, they now owe me over $200. Of course, I had to pay them in 15 minutes or I’d face certain utility doom. To get the money back that they overcharged me will take “at least two billing cycles.” Oh well…keep it. One less bill for me to pay for several months.

Then it was on to the cable company. I’m seriously thinking about eliminating my home phone service and going cell phone only. In fact, I’m seriously considering switching carriers and hopping over to AT&T and getting the new iPhone. Yeah, I know…but really, it’s not all about the phone. That’s certainly a big draw, but AT&T also has a plan for $100 where you get unlimited talk minutes to any phone in America. Verizon only offers unlimited minutes to other Verizon users. So if I go for that, I don’t care if I use my cell phone exclusively. Anyway, I called the cable company to do a little hypothetical scenario generation, and it turns out that they’ve been charging me for equipment I don’t even have. I’ve been with them nearly a year, and they’ve been erroneously charging me for equipment and service I never signed up for. I haven’t changed a thing on my service since day one, yet they’ve done all kinds of weird things to my bill.

So, the nice lady on the phone waived my DVR fees for the next year and did some other little adjustments. Once again, all is right with the cable/internet world in Casa de Corey.

It makes me wonder what else may be going on with some of my bills. Maybe it’s time to just kind of go down the list and see that I’m only paying for what I’m actually provided. Or if I’m paying for more than I’m using, to make those adjustments.

And there are some of you out there, (and you know who you are), I’ve made something of a list of my bills as well as my receiveables to see where I am for the rest of the month. That is SO not me. But I guess for the first time in a while, more seems to be coming in than going out, so it wasn’t such a daunting task.

So let that be a lesson to you, those who have been taking advantage of my head-in-the-sand approach toward my bills and services. I’m comin’ after you!

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