Thomas Had Nothing On Me

Maybe you’ve heard of Doubting Thomas. How would you like that as an immortal legacy? I’ve really come to believe that doubting on God is really an extremely arrogant thing to do. In all honesty, it’s not doubting God as much as it is completely removing things from His hands and insisting on relying upon ourselves.

Not only is that foolish, it’s arrogant.

As I end the month of May and reflect upon it, I see the many blessings I received in order to make it through. The week before last was a record week in my business. How quickly we forget when it’s followed by a so-so week. As I entered this final weekend of the month, I was feeling pretty glum. I felt like after all of my hard work in May, I was entering June in no better shape than I entered the previous month.

Then I went to the mailbox. In it was a nice check I simply wasn’t expecting. With it, I was able to immediately take care of a nagging bill that was looming over my head. As soon as I saw the check, I immediately thanked God and asked His forgiveness for not trusting Him in the first place.

So, tomorrow is the first day of June. It’s a new month. Hopefully I go into it with lessons learned which will serve to remind me to remain humble and keep things where they belong.

In His hands.

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