Disturbing Things From the Past Several Days

There have a couple recent events which have stirred up thoughts in my head which need to be addressed. As a servant of the people, I feel it is my duty to share them with you.

1. The kid in Ohio who was suspended from taking his final exams and participating in his high school graduation because he attended his girlfriend’s prom. Am I the only one who thought this was a publicity stunt for a remake of the movie Footloose? It’s stuff like this which sets Christianity back for generations. In a world in which the media is looking for anything which puts Christianity in the line of fire, someone who doesn’t speak for me goes out of their way to put me smack dab in the center of the crosshairs. Frankly, I completely side with the kid. As someone who has worked with kids of all ages, there simply comes a point when you have to trust them, and yourself that you have taught them to uphold their beliefs in secular environments. We can’t keep kids in some kind of hermetically sealed Christian bubble, insulating them from every single influence the world has to offer. Is someone from a school like that prepared mentally and spiritually should they decide to go off to a secular university or the military? What about a secular job where people swear and and have office parties with (gasp!) alcohol!? What the kid does in his life away from school falls under the jurisdiction of their parents. Let the family decide what the children can and can’t do.
Good job, kid. You did the right thing. Too bad the administration of your school doesn’t trust you enough to handle a situation which will confront you throughout the rest of your life. You passed the first test as far as I’m concerned.
2. Miss California. I must admit, I pretty much wanted her to be stripped of the crown. Not because I thought she should have been, but because I think that tiara on her head may as well be a ball and chain around her leg. If she had been de-throned, she could then be free to say whatever she wants, wherever she wants. Now she is still bound by her contractural obligations and essentially neutered from pursuing her deeper beliefs publically at the height of her notoriety.
She gave the same answer that the Teleprompter and Chief gave, yet he is Teflon and she gets the wrath of The Left showering down on her as if she were standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, Perez Hilton, (that isn’t really his name, is it?) says the most vile and childish things, and where was the ACLU or women’s advocates? You ask for her opinion, then do everything in your power to destroy her for stating it.
Two other things I find disturbing about this are how much media attention this grabbed, and the fact that I wholeheartedly agreed with The Donald twice in the same week. He also fired Annie Duke in The Celebrity Apprentice, which pleased me greatly.
In summary, a thumbs up to a suspended teenage boy, a beauty queen and The Donald. A strange week, indeed.

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