Breakfast On Mom Today

Today I drove down to pick Dad up and go to breakfast. We needed to deliver Mom’s new dress to the cemetery, but first, we went to IHOP for some morning sustenance. We both needed it.

We enjoyed some good conversation, sharing our feelings and experiences over the past few days. Though we’re going through things together, we’re also going through our own things. So it was special to kind of unload to someone who knows exactly how it feels.

As the bill came, I reached into my pocket, and Dad stopped me in my tracks with these words:

“Breakfast is on Mom this morning.”

That made no sense to me until he continued. He told me that he used to give her money from time to time, though she never went anywhere or needed it. But he would always slip her some money just in case anything happened to him and she needed cash on the spot. He hadn’t done that in some time, but it’s something he would do.

As he was going through some of her things yesterday, he found her purse. In it was a nice, crisp $20 bill. His first thought was that we would use that to enjoy a nice breakfast together this morning. And when he said it was “on Mom”, I instantly thought of the smile it must put on her face that she is still taking care of her men even though she’s gone from us.

It just doesn’t get any more special than that.

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