The Discomfort of Comfort Food

Hi, I’m Corey, and I’ve been eating like a pig.

(Hi Corey)

Yeah, it’s been ugly. I know I’ll snap out of it, but I really ought to do it sooner than later. I’m sure that news doesn’t please the good folks at Cold Stone or Hostess, but they’ll just need to suck it up. These are tough times for all of us.

So now I’m feeling like I’m wearing one of those prosthetic pregnancy bellies. Actually, it’s probably not as bad as I think. After all, I have been balancing it all out by drinking Diet Pepsi.

In all honesty, things have been funky in my life. My work follows me around 24/7. Even when Gary is in rural parts of the country, he finds unlikely cell phone coverage to share with me the wild hairs he gets which he admittedly doesn’t know if it’s God or bad pizza. Gary keeps weird hours. He wakes up before 5 AM, which means I usually get an email or text message by 5 AM with whatever is on his mind at that ungodly hour. I think between the two of us, we are awake a good 20-21 hours of the day.

On a serious note, I want to thank my friends who have offered me loving support for what we’re going through as a family due to my mom’s poor health. I self-medicate here by dumping my thoughts on the computer screen. I’ve received many loving comments from friends who have somehow connected with what I’ve shared. I find it humbling, but satisfying to know that what I’m going through has touched some people I care about, and even some I don’t know all that well.

I’m seeking my truest comfort in the Lord. He’s been faithful to me, and even in my mom’s final days and weeks, she has peace which can only be attributed to the Lord and His promises. I honestly don’t know how people can go through this without the promise of eternity in the presence of God. This is by no means easy, but I am comforted in knowing she will be whole and without pain soon, and at the feet of her Maker.

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