The Sweetest Duet Ever

Yesterday was my birthday. It has been a birthday tradition since my childhood that my parents would sing Happy Birthday to me on that morning. And yes, still to this day. My birthday isn’t official until I get that phone call and they sing to me.

Yesterday was the last duet.

Move over Celine and Andrea, BeBe and CeCe and anyone else you can think of. There can be no greater sound than the beautiful duet from the heart of my parents yesterday. And I’m absolutely certain that my mom sang with more volume, love and joy in her heart this time than any of the previous birthdays.

And there have been a lot of them.

I was both dreading and anticipating this duet for the past couple weeks. I knew it was coming, and I wanted to be able to listen to it and savor every note and every syllable. I also wanted to get through it without crying. I actually did!

I thank God that He gave me one more duet from them. It truly was the sweetest duet of all time, and I’ll remember it the rest of my life.

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