My Life; Feast or Famine

In the course of my life, it seems that the patterns have taken pretty much one extreme or the other. Sometimes I go through seasons of feast or famine, and sometimes the events of a week can have feast and famine.

What happened to a happy medium?

Right now, my week is comprised of feast and famine. As I wrote yesterday, Sunday through Wednesdays are very full days. From morning until night, life is pretty frenetic. And you know what? I’m enjoying it! The thing is, when I’m not working or having some kind of obligation, I don’t really have much of a life. And even if I did, who has the money or energy to live it?

I’m being a little facetious, but more so than not, it’s how I feel. I’ve had seasons like this in my life, and it’s very fulfilling on one side of the ledger, and kind of empty on the other. I’m thankful for the side of the ledger which reflects that my efforts and abilities are making a difference.

I just hope that at some point, my personal life will have a little more to show for it. That’s not bad, is it?

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