The New Revised Calendar

Ever since I took on this new job, and even before that, moving to Rocklin, my calendar has a distinctly new look. It’s like everything shifted one day to the left. I mean, we’re not Seventh Day Adventists, so we still have church on Sundays, but that’s now become something of a work day for me. Monday through Thursday in the office, and Friday is more or less a day off. Well, as much of a day off as it gets. Saturdays can be quiet too, though we’ve got some Saturday events coming soon.

It really is strange how my Thursday feels so much like a Friday that I have to concentrate to remind myself that everyone else has to work the next day, and that it’s not really Saturday. The church office is closed, so I typically work from home on Fridays…which feels like a day off.

My roller coaster week peaks on Wednesdays, then begins its rapid decent Thursdays. Fridays are the days I get reacquainted with my home, and even enjoy the rare meal put together in my own kitchen. It’s the day I try to catch up on some of my favorite televisions shows I’ve DVR’d through the week.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. I am very happy and fulfilled doing what I’m doing. I’m a single guy with no kids, so it’s not really taking me away from those priorities. The thing is, I don’t really want to stay single, so this lifestyle can be prohibitive in finding prospective dates. I mean, I’m eyebrow deep in Men’s Ministry, helllllllloooooooooo.

So, it’s the morning of my Tuesday (your Monday). Fortunately, my meal calendar is pretty much the same. I’m hungry for breakfast.

Have a great day!

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