Mom Is Home

It seems like the last week has been filled with little teases of good news, but only to be let down by some unexpected letdown. But finally, after an 11th hour concern over the infection in my mom’s arm, the doctors felt like my dad could take her home and treat the infection outside the hospital.

There are still many tests ahead this week, but they’re all things that can be done as an outpatient. The tests will help answer a lot of questions, but probably the biggest is the type and stage of my mom’s cancer. We are also concerned to see if it’s spread, and if so, how much and where.

I am discovering the value in finding great joy in even the slightest victories. I know there are going to be some good days and many bad days ahead. Just the fact that she’s now home and resting in her own bed is comforting. She still is very sick, but it blesses my heart that she’s back home with my dad, and in a place where she is most comfortable.

I have no idea what the week ahead holds. I have responsibilities and obligations to meet. The world doesn’t stop just because I’ve got important things on my mind. I just pray for grace for today. Strength to make it through this day.

Then tomorrow, do it again.

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