Prayer For Mom

Father in Heaven,

I’m so grateful for the blessings you have given me. I’m so unworthy of the riches you’ve blessed me with. Honestly, no one is truly deserving of your gifts.

Tonight, your child, my mom, lies in a hospital room alone. Alone with her thoughts. Separated from the men she loved so selflessly and unconditionally. Though she is isolated from those she loves here, I know you are with her, so she isn’t truly alone. I thank you for the peace you’ve given her. Clearly, of the three of us, she is the strongest. My dad and I are staring off into the distance, while seeing nothing. We have been blessed with such an amazing woman.

Tonight, we are alone.

When I picture this tiny, frail woman lying in her hospital bed tonight, I can’t fight the tears any longer. She has never abandoned me. Yet I feel so helpless and so far away right now. I pray that even now, as I write this, you would fill her heart with the love we have for her.

Please watch over her tonight. Please minimize her suffering. I know only you love her more than we do. I know that your heavenly hosts are busy preparing her place at your feet as I write this. I know there is nowhere she’d rather be right now. Give her peace that when you call her home, she will not be abandoning us. She’s just so deserving of being with you so much more than anyone I know.

Know that my broken heart is crying out only because I have no idea what my life is like without my biggest fan. She has cheered me on when I played sports, when I sang for you, when I faced circumstances I never thought I could get through. She always believed in me.

Be with my mom tonight. Comfort her. Overwhelm her with your love tonight.

Finally, please be with my dad. He is a strong man, but she has been his strength. As his voice broke when he looked into my eyes to tell me the news, I saw a man who adores my mother and will be empty without her. Tonight, he sleeps alone. Without his better half. I pray that you would comfort him, and in this, he would experience your strength and faithfulness as never before.

Thank you for my mom. Through her life, I have seen you.


Sleep well tonight Mom.

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