First Birthday Greeting of 2009!

My birthday is just under five weeks from now, and I received my first birthday greeting of the year in the mail Thursday. No, it wasn’t from someone I know who simply jumped the gun. I don’t know quite how to describe it, so I’ll just share the content with you here:


Hello…and Pack your Bags! IN CELEBRATION OF YOUR BIRTHDAY, you were verified as of 01/27/09 and as a result of this offer your name and Ticketing Number have been Identified and Issued! You will receive at your request Two Roundtrip Airfares to Anywhere in the Continental U.S.! Call within 48 hours and also receive a 7 Day Car Rental! We are excited for you!


You must respond within 72 hours!

OK, a few things worth pointing out after reading this. Where to begin? First, ya gotta love how my name is so obviously pasted in. Different font, all caps, bold letters. Then, the use of randomly capitalized words. You also have to appreciate the fact that they think “round trip” is one word. Am I the only to also appreciate the missing punctuation? (don’t answer that.) Isn’t it wonderful how excited they are for me? They don’t even know me, and they’re that invested in my happiness! Heck, they’ve even been, “going crazy” trying to reach me! (I’m so elusive!)

It’s kind of a shame, but oddly fitting that this is my first birthday greeting of the year. It’s actually really funny to me. But then, I’m just embracing the fact that it’s not from AARP.

2 thoughts on “First Birthday Greeting of 2009!

  1. Well, I gottah say…I am a little excited muhself…I mean…the day you turn 55, TUESDAYS at ROSS will never be the same for me! (I will come pick you up and take you for a “little outing” that will be fun huh???? ;0)

  2. Slow down, girl. There are still several years before that happens. And by the time it does, Ross may be a distant memory (and NOT because I’ll be unable to remember.)And maybe, JUST maybe…I’ll have coerced, errr, WOOED a lovely lady by then to let me be HER Ross discount guy. Get yer own!

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