What To Eat the Day After a Fast

Each Monday, we have our weekly staff meetings at church. After the meeting, we all break to get our lunches, and return to dine together. This week’s lunch was a bit unusual.

This week’s lunch was the day after we completed a 21 day fast.

I went to lunch with 2 pastors and our administrator. Here were four grown men over the age of 40, unable to zero in on where to go for lunch because everything sounded good! One even suggested McDonald’s. You know you’ve been deprived of food when you’re thinking McDonald’s when you have a million choices available to you.

Tony informed us he had only one stipulation. This is another sign of the goofiness which ensues in the wake of a lengthy fast. He said the only place he couldn’t go was In-N-Out. The reason:

Their family was going there for dinner.

Back to our journey and uncharacteristic indecision. Here I am in the back seat of an SUV with three other guys who are all leaders. These guys deal with many big decisions and are responsible for many people. But here we were, frozen by indecision. Over lunch. We started down one of the main streets in Rocklin and hoped something would leap to our minds as we passed numerous strip malls.

Finally, someone mentioned Burger Hut. YES! Four grown men in unison, excited over a lunch consisting of burgers and fries. Tony, however, had a brief moment of hesitation since he was going to get a hamburger with his family at dinner. So he did the honorable and sensible thing.

He got a chicken sandwich.

We parked the car and ran across the parking lot like little boys running toward the ice cream truck as it turned onto our block. As we entered, the words on the menu board above the cashiers were enough to make our mouths water.

To say the least, lunch was especially good. And I have to say, there was a bit more energy in the room when we returned to see what culinary deliciousness the others brought back. It was like the first day of school after Christmas to hear about what the other kids got from Santa.

It’s been a long three weeks. While I joke about the aftermath of our fast, it was a very special time personally, for our staff, and for our church.

The fast is now over.

That crying you hear is the owners of Jamba Juice.

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