Your Path Determines Your Destination

My church is in the process of a 21 day corporate fast. Now don’t envision some cult-like sheep mentality of following someone into unnatural physical torment. That’s not what this is. It’s purely voluntary. The thing is, most people are on board…which is pretty exciting.

Fasting is not some spiritual formula for getting what you want. Some people do treat it as such.

If I sacrifice something, God has to bless me with my heart’s desires.

The purpose of our fast is to practice the discipline of hungering for God. God is not impressed with our so-called sacrifice. Skipping meals without seeking God is like driving to church and sitting in the parking lot all morning expecting God will do something special. When we want to see the Lord’s mercy and power in our lives, we do well by sacrificing our comfort for the purpose of developing a deeper level of intimacy with God. In the eloquent and insightful words of King David, “I will not offer to God that which costs me nothing.” These words came in the wake of one of David’s great blunders which cost the lives of 70,000 people.

Sometimes we put ourselves in predicaments for which we must endure serious consequences. In those times, we have a choice to continue on the path to destruction, or choose as David did, to get back on God’s trajectory and fulfill our destiny. Even when we blow it, even by biblical proportions, God can make our way straight. Until we’re dead, it’s not too late. But it is illogical to expect to end up where God wants us to be when the path we’re on doesn’t lead to Him.

As a church, we are eager to fulfill our destiny in God’s kingdom, our community and our own individual lives. In order to reach a particular destination, we must first be on the right path. This fast that we’re on is the divine cooperation between man and God for the purpose o
f calibrating our lives so we are on the correct path in order to reach the destiny the Lord has called us. By sacrificing our eating habits, and instead replacing it with a fervent pursuit of God, He will be faithful to put us on the course He has for us.

But here’s the thing. Many people believe that
giving up meals or certain conveniences will somehow earn us favor with God. It’s not that simple. When we genuinely pursue God, He will reveal to us things in our lives which are not healthy. Are we involved in unhealthy relationships? Are we allowing things in our lives which cause conflict between our spirit and our flesh? Are we justifying things in our lives which we know shouldn’t be there? If we are, then doing the right things while on the wrong path avails nothing. In order for us to have a breakthrough in our circumstances, we must first have a breakthrough in our hearts.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. As Merriam-Webster defines diligent, this means by “steady, earnest, and energetic effort.” You can’t fool God. He will not be mocked. Don’t even try.

Are you satisfied with the road you’re on? Did you think that you may have been in a better place by now in following the route you’re on? Maybe now is the time to stop before you get further off course and waste even more time, and seek the Lord. He will be faithful to guide you…if you’re willing to seek Him…diligently.

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