The Lengths Some People Go

I’m very tired as I write this, (Wednesday night), so this WILL be brief. Mark my words.

We had another great night in the Man Cave on Wednesday. Before we even started, I spoke with a guy I know who is the father-in-law of our youth pastor. This gentleman lives in Concord, but was in the Man Cave on Wednesday. I asked him if he came all the way from Concord. He said no, he actually spent the day in San Francisco, then drove all the way to Rocklin after work. I asked him if there was some family thing going on, and maybe that’s why he was in town.

Nope. He came to be part of what’s happening in the men’s group on Wednesday night.

I can’t even begin to tell you what that meant to me. Not because we’re doing anything extraordinary. It’s because GOD is. God moved me here from San Jose, and He chose this time to do it. Coincidence?

Yeah, no.

I needed this. These men need it. Are you someone, or do you know someone who needs this? What lengths are you willing to go to experience God in a new and exciting way?

One thought on “The Lengths Some People Go

  1. Uhhhmmm…I am “willing” to dawn my groucho marks diggs, my moses beard, and an argyle sweater that I never gave my brother and is still sitting in the box ready to be mailed. I think I might even have a wallet that will fit in my back pocket, oh and uh…I will even eat a WHOLE pizza, and wash it down with REGULAR Pepsi…if that will get me in the doors! That’s how far…:)

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