Me? Men’s Ministries?

It’s really interesting to look back over your life and see the long and winding road which you’ve taken to get where you are today. I can honestly link together the circuitous route to Rocklin, CA clear back to about 1984 rather easily. It’s just wild to think how such seemingly insignificant events from that long ago have a ripple effect which is evident today.

I have been asked numerous times throughout my life what my plans were for my future. When you’re a kid in high school, you may have an idea about where you want to go to college, what you want to study and such. I really didn’t have a plan then. And now, all these years later…I still don’t have a plan, but for different reasons.

Back then, I was just a dumb kid with no real ambition. Now, I’m a guy whose life has consisted of numerous twists and turns which have found me involved with exciting people and things I never would have imagined I’d ever do, or even want to do. Let me give you a few examples.

I grew up thinking singing was THE most embarrassing thing a person could do in front of a group of people. As you probably know, singing is probably what I’m known for the most. I remember confessing to people that I would never work with children because I really didn’t feel I could connect with them on any level. Finding me working with kids would have been like finding Boy George at a tractor pull. But then God put me in a position of leading a youth basketball league and coaching kids for several years. I also remember telling people I was very uncomfortable working with the elderly. It would break my heart to see aging people struggling to walk or breathe. But yet again, God put me in a position where a job I loved put me in the lives and homes of seniors on a daily basis.

And I loved all those things. I even had a passion for them.

Now I’m in a new season. I’ve typically steered clear of men’s ministry programs. I’ve never felt drawn to them. I’ve been to the standard men’s breakfast with a special speaker. They were good, but nothing that really inspired me to make it a regular part of my life. And now here we are, 2009. I’m now eyeball deep in a men’s ministry program, and I’m loving it. I have gotten to know some incredibly wonderful men. Men whose hearts have the unimaginable blend of masculinity and tenderness. Men whose lives have been, and even are being impacted by human suffering and tragedy. But men who recognize from where, and from Whom their help comes.

I haven’t found the spirit of volunteerism as I have discovered with these men. I have had more guys come to me saying that they are willing to help in any way they can. I ask them if they have any specific interests, and most of them say they don’t. They just want to be involved.

It is exciting to be part of this ministry. I’m excited and humbled by God choosing me, at such a time as this, to have anything to do with what He has in his heart for the men at my church, and those we connect with beyond the walls of the church. I don’t know what God has planned for my future, but I know that I’m sure enjoying the ride!

Now, one final thing before I end this post. My GBFF, (girl-best-friend-forever), Lisa, and I had a little challenge for one another last night. I thought it would be fun if she would pick a word, a person…something random for each of us to include in our blogs. She chose the subject of Boy George…so that is why you see him ever-so-cleverly inserted into my post today. When Lisa is feeling a bit more whimsical, I’m sure she’ll weave him, (somehow), into a future post. Stay tuned. You never know what may come next.

2 thoughts on “Me? Men’s Ministries?

  1. You truly have come “so far” in the time I have known you…I see God working out His purpose for you, through you, not only for YOUR sake, but for the sake of others. Well done on the challenge too…my track was laid in such a serious direction…it was hard for me to “go there”…I took the easy route and truly if this were left to America to vote, you would/should win! 😉

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