Lessons From A Gym

This past Saturday, Gary spoke at a Men’s Breakfast at a church in Elk Grove. It was a nice group of guys, but I’m telling you…there wasn’t a lot of fire in the belly, if you know what I mean.

No, I’m not complaining that there weren’t jalapenos in the eggs.

These men have gotten rather comfortable and content with over all mediocrity. It was a tough room. But of course, we were still buzzing from the wonderful night we had last Wednesday in the Man Cave. Saturday served as a great reminder of a couple things. One, we’ve got a special group of guys who are not ashamed to lay it all out before the Lord. Second, once you step foot out of the Cave, there is a world full of men, in and out of the church, who need to return to their first love.

It’s not an easy or natural thing to recapture. It’s easy to slide into some kind of malaise where your spirit gets lazy and out of shape. When that happens, it’s easy to go through the motions where it looks like we’re spiritually active, but in reality, we’re dying from the inside out. It’s like going to the gym, getting a locker, sitting down at some weights (but not actually using them), adjusting your iPod, drinking your water and even toweling off. After an hour or so of looking the part, you return to your locker, get back into your street clothes, and go home. Sure, you went to the place where it all happens, but you didn’t do a single thing. You look good going in and out of the gym. You even hope someone you know will see you there so they think you’re doing something about your health.

But really, you’re doing nothing of value.

The thing about being in church or a gym, you are in a place where you’re being equipped and strengthened. The purpose for that is for your life outside of those buildings. It does no good to lift all the weights and do all that cardio if you’re just going to leave and eat pizza and ice cream all the time. You have to live it. What you do in those buildings must be maintained when you leave.

I’m sure there are men in the Cave who are going through the motions. There are men who are hurting. I truly believe that if they keep coming, they won’t be able to help but participate in what’s happening. Maybe they’ll have a conversation with someone, a “trainer”, who will personally spend time with them and help them develop a regimen to a healthier spiritual life.

On the flip side, I’m sure there are men all over the place who have never heard of the Man Cave who are living spiritually vibrant and effective lives.

I wanted to be sure to share with you a little glimpse into our first Man Cave night last Wednesday. You can click here to view the slide show from that great night.

Can’t wait until Wednesday!

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