Bob the Builder

One of the cool things I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks in getting things ready to roll with the Man Cave has been getting to know some of the guys. One character I’ve gotten to know is a guy affectionately known as Bob the Builder. We’ve all become familiar with Joe the Plumber, but c’mon, ya gotta love the alliterative nature of “Bob the Builder”. It just rolls off the tongue, like Dave the Dentist, Tom the Teacher, Phil the Phlebotomist.

Bob is a man’s man. Scraggly beard, leathery skin which shows the amount of time he’s spent in the great outdoors, rides a Harley (and has no interest if you ride anything but a Harley), and has been in construction since he could hold his Fisher Price plastic hammer as a toddler.

The thing about Bob the Builder (BtB) is that he has a servant’s heart. Last Friday, Gary and I went out to the warehouse where the church stores EVERYTHING which isn’t kept on site. Our purpose in going out there was to get some ideas, and possibly some material to set the stage for the Man Cave. It was like shopping at The Home Depot, only the stuff had already been bought or made. In talking with BtB, Gary described the stage he had in mind for Wednesday nights. BtB then took the idea, took us over to a pile of wood at the warehouse, and began to load it in the back of his truck.

“I’ll have it built for you by the end of the weekend.”

True to his word, he informed us Sunday morning that the thing was done. In his spare time, BtB put together a stage that previously only existed in Gary’s mind. Wednesday night, it was on display, and was perfect for the occasion.

We’re discovering a lot of guys with hearts like BtB. Guys with many different talents and abilities. But guys who are eager to lend their gifts, donate their time, and do something tangible for the Lord. I’ll be sure to introduce you to some of the guys along the way. They’re really special, and Gary and I know we’re very blessed to have a team of guys who want to serve in any way they can.

One thought on “Bob the Builder

  1. I think it is just amazing how the Lord has brought you here (where you swore you’d NEVER come), and put you in a place where you encourage other men to discover what He has for them. (But, only after you were willing to seek it, and find it for yourself first).I LOVE watching God work in your life…it’s just a great story with many good things to come!

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