Here We Go!

When I coached the women’s softball team from my church in San Jose, one of the ladies used to love to say, “here we go” as the ladies took the field. There was a special way she used to say it that I loved to mimic. She was in the choir with me, so I’d often repeat it to her as she would pass me by as the choir lined up to take the platform before services or productions.

As we flip the calendar over and begin a new year, I find this phrase echoing in my head. It’s game time. It’s time to take the field and do what we do.

Some people look forward to a new year simply because it’s an escape from last year. Of course, there is nothing tangibly significant to a new year. I mean, more than anything, it means you have to get used to writing “’09” on your checks after a year of writing “’08”. But other than that, January 1 isn’t going to look any differently than December 31. But we have this instinctive optimism about a clean slate. The new year means to many a new beginning. But a new beginning isn’t going to mean much if you keep the old habits which caused you problems in previous years.

So with that, I say “here we go!” It’s time to take on 2009. But it’s also a great time to evaluate the way we’ve done things in the past. I’ve never been one to make resolutions. At least, not for a new year. I guess I’ve made resolutions in my life, but they’ve usually occurred at random spots in the calendar. For me, the new year doesn’t promise me anything. Life is going to confront me with challenges and thrills. My goal is to meet the highs and lows with integrity and determination.

Just like a sports team, we need our teammates. We can’t do it alone. Life is a team sport. So as this new “season” begins today, let’s work together to make it a winner. Through the wins and losses as a team, through the trials and successes each of us will experience as individuals, let’s do it together. Let’s be there to pick each other up during the tough times, and celebrate our victories together.

Here we go!

2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. That is so true very nice post thank you .. I am feeling a bit in the blah stage.. kinda not sure about alot of things as far as where God wants to use me… I am praying for his direction and guidance in my decisions.. I want to be used by him with my gifts and talents but it should not feel like it feels right now.. so I am waiting on him to direct me and my decisions and in great prayer thank you for sharing your post.. I know God has great growth and plans for me and many in 2009 blessings. keri

  2. Hi Keri. One thing I have learned in this particular season of my life is that God can and will do many things in the life of the submitted heart. He knows the longing you have to serve, and He knows very well the giftings He has placed in you. I really believe you’re headed to a new level in your life’s work, and great things are ahead. I really believe that. Press on and break through. It’s just ahead of you!

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