Fantasy Football Update

Those of you who know me probably have already figured out that these updates wouldn’t be appearing on my blog if I were anywhere but at the top of the standings. Hey, it’s my blog, it’s my game…why not?

There was a major turn of events last week which had a dramatic affect on the standings. “Longhorn” has been at the top of the standings right from the beginning. He has been in 1st or 2nd place all season, but I think he may have been just a little distracted in recent weeks. Within a five day period, his two sons and their wives brought three grandbabies into his life, including one on Thanksgiving Day. Despite these events, he was still in a position to win it all.

That is, until last week.

Unfortunately, he missed the deadline to get his picks set, so he got no points, thus eliminating him from contention for the championship. He slipped from 2nd place all the way down to 6th. It’s a sad ending to a great season, but somehow I think it’s not the biggest thing in his life these days.

Troy is still in 8th place.

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