Why Am I Not Surprised?

Why is it that we have faith in God, yet get all shocked when things work out in ways that can only be attributed to Him? Why is it we pray for God to heal someone, to bless someone, to meet some kind of need, yet we’re dumbfounded when it happens?

I have no right to claim any kind of special spiritual achievements in my life, but I do believe I have reached an important milestone in my walk. I honestly don’t think I’m shocked when things I ask for come to pass. Let me balance that thought with this one. I’m also not surprised or even upset when things don’t happen how, or when I had hoped.

I am at peace. I still have many unanswered questions, intertwined with some pressing needs. However, my job is out in the field in sales and the proverbial, other duties as assigned. God is in control of management and production. So we know our roles. God doesn’t micro manage my life. He is aware of my performance and activity, but He lets me make my own decisions. I will perform better and earn promotions and bonuses when I stay in line with His policies and procedures, but He is patient with me when I take a little bit longer on my break than I should have, or I zig when I should have zagged.

I am at peace. There are special people in my life who are facing literal life and death circumstances. My difficulties pale in comparison to theirs, but I know God cares about my things, without having to turn His ample attention from theirs.

He’s quite the multi tasker.

I pray for these special people in my life. I pray that God would comfort them. I pray God would heal them. But ultimately, I pray that God would have His way, and that I would see Him in it no matter how things turn out. Remember, I’m in sales, not production. If I don’t believe in what I’m selling, how can I expect others to want what I have? On the other hand, sales comes easy when your life’s foundation is the commodity, itself. When others see it at work in your life, they’ll be more inclined to believe in its value and power.

Christianity is a verb. I love this life. It defines who I am. I serve at the pleasure of the Most High God. He takes great care of me. (I was going to make a comment about God’s retirement plan being out of this world, but that would be cheesy. Good thing I didn’t write it!)

Time to get back to work!

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