Lessons From My GPS Unit

I feel a little blogger “miniseries” brewing in me. Who knows, it may become a sporadic feature on Crossing Paths. That is, life lessons from everyday things in our lives. Today, I am thinking of my navigation system attached to the windshield of my car. This is my GPS, or Global Positioning System.

Navigation systems are a relatively new innovation for consumers. In 2005,when I was making
my decision on the car I was about to purchase, I was presented with the option of having a GPS in the dash. I figured I didn’t need one. I mean, I never get lost, so that’s a waste of money.

Then for Christmas that year, my dad gave me one of those after market jobbers that you attach to your windshield by suction cup. After having one through these years, I don’t know how I went so long without it. Do you remember life before cell phones? Before laptops? Before remote controls? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

One thing I find particularly cool about my car’s GPS is the fact that I have the actual voice of Mr. T barking out directions. “Hey fool, in 300 yards, turn left!”

The thing about navigation systems is that we tend to use them only when we need them. I mean, that makes perfect sense. You’re not going to really pay attention to it when you’re just going to the store, taking the kids to school, or driving to and from work. No, we utilize the GPS when we’re going on a long trip, or trying to find a specific address in an unfamiliar part of town. You key in a destination, wait a few seconds, and presto! The system charts a course for you.

I am in a place in my life where I am relying on a different GPS. It’s my God Positioning System. The difference is, I need to use this GPS in everyday situations. Even the very familiar paths I take. It’s not something you call upon only when you’re desperate or in unfamiliar territory. This GPS system is most effective when we use it on a daily basis. Not just when we’re out and about, but even in our homes. You see, many people drift off their course with God even in the comfort and familiarity of their homes. In fact, many people appear to be on course when they’re away from home, but home is where they’re most comfortably, and secretly adrift.

Just like the system in your car, He’s only useful if you listen to Him. If you think you know better, you may end up taking a wrong turn and end up somewhere you didn’t intend to be. Even if you eventually reach your destination, you should have gotten there much sooner.

If you had only listened.

I’m learning to rely on my God Positioning System. I’m learning that even when He says I should take this turn, when I know that I can get where I’m going by taking this shortcut, my GPS knows that the course He has set is the best. Perhaps by taking the shortcut, I would miss wonderful views God created which overwhelm me with His majesty. Maybe there is someone along the side of the road who needs a lift. Maybe there are hazards in the shortcut which would damage me. Maybe there is a service station along this course which is stocked up with things I need for my journey.

I trust my GPS. I’m learning to rely on Him more. I am confident that He knows the best course for my life. He doesn’t promise that I won’t hit traffic or other inconveniences, but I know that He’ll see me through it. I also know that I’ll arrive at my destination right on time. And the interesting thing about my destination is that I’m not the one who keys it in. He knows my schedule. He knows my obligations. But He also sets my course, and He alone knows where that will take me.

What a road trip!

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